Committees comprised of board members and volunteers, handle different industry related issues, events or factions of NAGA business. The committees do research then report their findings and recommendations to the board. The board then takes the appropriate action.


Auction – John Metzer, Vern Beavers, Claudette Beavers, Bonny Stock, Jeff Hughes, Sondra Maness 

Audit –Todd Laudenslager, Bernadette Gilliland, Andy Hairston, Tim Zindl, Fuzzy Stock

Convention – Bill MacFarlane, Sarah Pope, Brian Beavers, Fuzzy Stock, Rick Kuhl, Rob Sexton

Executive – Tim Zindl, Brian Beavers, Peg Ballou, Fuzzy Stock, Sam Ballou, Todd Laudenslager, Bill MacFarlane

Exhibits – Brian Beavers, Britney Booth, Todd Laudenslager, Rick Kuhl, Andy Hairston, Mike Martz

Health – Bill MacFarlane, Tim Zindl, Brian Beavers, Todd Laudenslager, Sam Ballou, Eva Pendleton, Rob Sexton, Scott Meyers, Fuzzy Stock

Membership – Peg Ballou, Bernadette Gilliland, Jay Sutherland, Jenny Krug, Chad Hughes, Mike Martz

Nominating – Chad Hughes, Andy Hairston, Jenny Krug, Rick Kuhl, Tim Zindl

Publications – Brian Beavers, Britney Booth, Rick Kuhl, Chad Hughes, Bernadette Gilliland, Mike Martz

Scholarships – Vern Beavers, Jeff Hughes, Bonny Stock, Carrie Wierzba, Jay Sutherland

Foundation Board Fuzzy Stock, Tim Zindl, Brian Beavers, Vern Beavers, Jeff Hughes

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NAGA Scholarships
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The North American Gamebird Foundation offers up to five $1,000 post-high school scholarships annually in the name of the late John Mullin.

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